Three Books That Will Help You Follow The Moon

It can not just be me who has taken notice: there appears to be an increasing interest in the moon and her phases. I first became aware of the moon after leaving South Florida for New Jersey, a journey that I embarked on as a leap of faith towards a vision I saw in my head….

As If Walls Could Speak, ‘Homegoing’ Tells All

We are taught, from a very young age, how much gossip is woven into the fabric of the human experience. Too young to fully understand, I often sat in the room while my mother talked to her sisters and friends about anyone and anything. One of my aunts’ was so well versed in the task…

Are Creative Writer’s God?

Singularly, writing is defined as the act of someone who writes utilizing symbols to represent a sound. The content of which said writing is composed of isn’t a part of this distinction; neither is the shape of the symbols. Instead, writing is understood simply as a form of communication, a platform to express and exchange….