Books for the Soul book club was founded in October 2013 by Bianca Salvant with intentions to educate, motivate and inspire humans aged 18 and up through a selection of profound and soulful reading. Since then, BFTS has dedicated itself to the educational development of all people in hopes of providing a social outlet to express diverse thoughts and theories on novels and books. With a following that is steadily increasing, BFTS is evolving, like all things.

BFTSbookclub.com is an extension of the original Books for the Soul that will publish essays, lists, reviews and interviews.

The essays published will be a minimum of 1,000 words on any subject that can navigate through relevant points with the help of books. Like, for example, “Are Creative Writer’s God?” and “Boricua Pride Shines in NYC, But ‘War Against All Puerto Ricans’ Continues“.

Lists are to quickly provide the reader with a short synopsis for a collective group of books for a certain theme and/or time period. The suggested books will relate to the headline, and content will provide solid details on what can be learned from each. Like, for example, “Five History Books To Help Us Be Better Contributors For Our Future”.

These accounts are personal, revealing why the book was either liked or disliked. These pieces will not include just a summary of what the book is about but, rather, how it made the reader feel. It will answer questions, like: What new revelations, if any, did it provide? Did it remind you of someone in your life? Why? Share that experience and tie it back to the book. What would you have done differently? Why? Did it teach you anything new? Why or why not? These pieces will not be limited to just these questions. Like, for example, “Late Sci-Fi Writer, Octavia Butler, Confronts Humanity In Xenogenesis Series”.

Self-published authors usually do all the writing, editing and marketing for their work. The interview section will provide these hard working writers with another platform to promote their work while, also, giving us a chance to get to know them better. Like, for example, “Tsara Shelton On Women Taking Accountability For Rape, Raising Colorful Boys and More”.

Please submit all original pieces to booksforthesoulclub@gmail.com with SUBMISSION in the subject box.