Three Books That Will Help You Follow The Moon

It can not just be me who has taken notice: there appears to be an increasing interest in the moon and her phases. I first became aware of the moon after leaving South Florida for New Jersey, a journey that I embarked on as a leap of faith towards a vision I saw in my head. While I was in a new environment, needing to build with new people and industries, I urged myself to look up more often. It is easy, especially in a city, to keep your head down as you rush to your destination. Keeping my head down, however, made me vulnerable to missing many of the great things that surrounded me. In my attempt to find beauty in the concrete jungle, I dove into the mystical teachings of the moon and discovered websites like Mystic Mamma and Tribe de Mama. As we dwell in the last full moon of 2016, let us take the teaching a little further.

Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny
by Raven Kaldera

A guide to understanding the phases of astrological Moon signs and their effects on emotions and personality.

The Moon’s ever-changing phases offer a way to deepen our understanding of our natal Moon sign as well as the Moon’s day-to-day influence on our emotional tides. Through its 8 phases and its wandering dance through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac–from the Infant’s Moon (the New Moon in Aries) to the Storyteller’s Moon (the Full Moon in Gemini) to the Prophet’s Moon (the waning Balsamic Moon in Aquarius)–the Moon shares its story in 96 different ways.

Telling the stories of the heart of all 96 Moon phase and Moon sign combinations, Raven Kaldera explains the creative gifts and emotional challenges bestowed upon those born under each Moon archetype as well as how to nurture the positive traits and improve–or at least discourage–the negative ones. Exploring the influences each Moon archetype has on us as it passes, the author reveals which Moons are the most difficult, what innate qualities each Moon brings out in us, and what we can do to honor each Moon. Including evocative quotes illuminating the nature of each Moon, Kaldera shows how to use your natal Moon’s astrological sign and phase to find your “hidden Moons”–the shadows cast by passing Moons–and predict how current and approaching Moons will affect you. – Goodreads

The Lunar Garden: Planting by the Moon Phases
by E.A. Crawford

The moon has long been a symbol of fertility. Farmers know that plants are keenly attuned to the basic cycles of the heavens, and, just like the tides and rainfall, respond to changes in the rhythms of the moon. Farmers have practiced the technique of planting and working the soil according to the lunar cycles for centuries. Today, scientific experiments and the new bio-dynamic farmers have verified the ancient theory that plants respond to changes in the moon’s magnetic field and that this has a dynamic effect on their growth.

In this informative primer on the art of gardening by the moon, easy-to-follow directions include simple charts, a three-year planting table, and a list of commonly grown plants and how they are affected by lunar cycles. Also included are four seed packets containing Nasturtium, Radish, Spinach, and Squash, representing the four essential elements – Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each plant is discussed with advice on sowing and growing and simple recipes for each. Complete with fascinating history and tips to ensure success, The Lunar Garden is a common-sense guide to implementing these ancient horticultural traditions in your own garden—whatever the size. – Amazon


The Faces of the Moon Mother: An Archetypal Cycle
by Rowena Pattee Kryder

This beautifully illustrated work demonstrates how conscious attunement with the phases of the moon can harmonize your emotional life. Giving an archetypal understanding of 16 phases of the moon cycle in a vivid, poetic and astrologically accurate way, it shows how identifying with the waxing half of the cycle and denying the waning half contributes to current problems ranging from environmental destruction to mid-life crises and addiction. 80 pages.

This book can be used in monthly rituals. It helps readers to attune more consciously to the archetypal patterns that underlie the moon cycles we all share through the changing emotional states of our soul. Drawings, poetry and interpretations for each Face of the Moon Mother enable you to feel the emotional qualities associated with the waxing and waning rhythms of the moon. – Amazon ♦

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